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Prism launches Grand Quintetto


The Ensemble Prisme, well known to music lovers from the Outaouais, is launching its first CD recording entitled Grand Quintetto. Dedicated to the music of Mozart, this disc offers a rare and exciting version of the Gran Partita, one of the most striking masterworks by the Viennese composer originally written for 13 wind instruments.

In the famous film Amadeus, it is the music that Salieri describes as “coming from the voice of God” C.F.G. Schwencke, contemporary composer of Mozart, has created an arrangement of this original and luminous work for oboe, violin, viola, cello and pianoforte. This version introduces us to Mozart’s masterpiece from a whole new perspective, lighter and more intimate, but still as beautiful, happy and inventive. A recording that will put a smile on your face.

This recording can be purchased on Bandcamp. If you want a physical copy of the CD, you must contact the Ensemble Prisme at the following address :   »

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